Drag Race

Start Your Day Right by Watching These Ferrari Enzos Race

Two Ferrari Enzos racing on an empty air strip = Your daily moment of awesome.

Waking up for work and/or school can be downright awful. The only solace you’ll have is a decent cup of coffee and a donut (if your lucky a cronut). We love them both, but sometimes you need something more, something like a pair of Ferrari Enzos drag racing. Our friend Shmee150 has come through again by being at the right place at the right time. He’s good at that. So check out this new video showcasing a pair of what’s without question one of the greatest Ferraris ever built.

Filmed at a Royal Air Force base, the dynamic Enzo duo are positioned on an air strip for the sole purpose of drag racing. We love what we’re seeing and hearing in this video. We’re sure you will too.

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