Starting a Lusso is Like Foreplay

The owner of this Ferrari 250 GT Lusso has a morning driving ritual of taking it through the deserted streets of downtown LA.

It doesn’t have even have a radio, let alone a trip computer, but that’s because the Ferrari 250 GT Lusso is a classic grand tourer in the truest sense. The real music comes from its enginem and owner James Chen is fully aware he’s in possession of something very special. As Chen points out, it does take a few extra minutes to get the V12 engine started, but that’s really a part of its whole experience; you need to sort of become acquainted with the car before setting off.

He also only drives it early in the morning through the nearly empty streets of Los Angeles. As the last of the 250 series, the Lusso is often thought to be the ideal blend of sport and elegance. Consider us smitten.

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