State Trooper Smashes Into Suspect's Chevy Camaro After High-Speed Pursuit

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Thankfully, no one was injured.

Footage from a police chase in Arkansas has captured the moment a state trooper collided with a suspect's Chevrolet Camaro after a high-speed chase.

KATV reports that Sergeant Jeff Preston registered the muscle car, driven by 19-year-old Tyrese Lancaster, traveling at 90 mph in a 75 mph zone. Preston pursued Lancaster down the I-530. Keen on getting away, it is reported that Lancaster drove at speeds of up to 140 mph, passing slower-moving traffic in a series of reckless maneuvers.

Trooper Terrell Pratt soon joined the chase, along with Trooper First Class Darryle Hinton. It is Pratt who reportedly crashed into the suspect's vehicle.

Police Pursuits/YouTube
Police Pursuits/YouTube

Around the 2:35 mark, Lancaster tries to escape on exit 35, but, unfortunately for him, the black Camaro collides with the guardrail, loses control, and slams into the barrier backward. Pratt, still traveling at a high rate of speed, crests the corner and attempts to slow down - but it's too late.

His police cruiser narrowly misses the door of his colleague's Dodge Charger and slams into the Chevy muscle car, sending Lancaster rolling out of the vehicle. Thankfully, no one was injured in the accident.

Trooper Pratt, sounding rather distressed, can be heard over the dashcam saying "I tried to stop, I tried to stop," before getting out and assisting the other officer in detaining Lancaster. "I'm wrecked out, I'm wrecked out, sarge," he says after checking the Camaro for additional occupants.

Police Pursuits/YouTube
Police Pursuits/YouTube

According to reports, Lancaster was booked on several charges, including reckless driving, the substantial danger of death, driving with no seatbelt, speeding, and possessing or purchasing alcohol by a minor.

Thankfully, no one was injured, but this video does highlight the dangers first responders face when pursuing a suspect. Fleeing suspects behind the wheel of high-performance vehicles put innocent civilians in danger, along with police and emergency workers.

Five new examples were stolen from GM's Lansing Plant in May, and most crashed. In September, two more Camaros were stolen, and one car thief failed to make it out of the parking lot before crashing.

Police Pursuits/YouTube
Police Pursuits/YouTube
Source Credits: KATV

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