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Stay At The Waldorf, Drive An Aston Martin

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It's a match made in heaven for the one percent.

Some of the finest grand tourers on the market, Aston Martins are made for driving long distances in speed and luxury. We wouldn't recommend sleeping in one, though, so you're going to need to stop overnight along your journey. And chances are, if you have the means and taste to be driving an Aston, you're not going to be staying at the Best Western or the Motel 6. You're going to stay at somewhere like, say, the Waldorf Astoria. In fact the two luxury brands have just inked a partnership to that effect.

Stay at one of the 30 Waldorf Astoria hotels around the world (the most elite in the Hilton group) and you'll be able to book a drive in the British automaker's latest, like the DB11, DBS Superleggera, and Vantage – which can only stand to help Gaydon get its products in front of its target audience and move more cars as a result.

There'll be more comprehensive drive-and-stay packages offered as well, providing the wheels and accommodations along what are sure to be some of the best driving roads in the most glamorous locations around the world.

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As the "official hotel partner" of Aston Martin Racing, the Waldorf will also offer hospitality packages during world-famous endurance races like the 24 Hours of Le Mans. And we wouldn't be surprised to see Lagondas parked in front (like Bentleys and Rolls-Royces are at other high-end hotels) once that new model line is up and running.

"Aston Martin Lagonda and Waldorf Astoria share a passion for creating beautiful experiences for our customers, rooted in the joy of travel and discovery," noted said Aston's marketing chief Simon Sproule. "Together, we can create memorable journeys that combine the best in global hospitality and driving pleasure."