Stealing A 918 Spyder From A Dealership's Showroom Floor Takes Some Serious Cajones


And a lot more stupidity.

It takes a lot of balls to break into a Porsche dealership and boost a 918 Spyder from the showroom floor. That’s exactly what 22-year-old Francisco Gonzalez-Velazquez did recently in Salt Lake City, Utah. He broke the front door glass at Strong Porsche, found the keys for the 918 and took off. While it sounds like Gonzalez-Velazquez is a daring supercar thief, police suspect the only reason he stole the 918 was because it was closest to the door. We think the car’s coolness was a factor as well, though.

Regardless, the thief only spent a short time with the car as he was apprehended six hours later by police at around 10:30 P.M. (Utah keeps weird hours.) The car itself wasn’t damaged and Gonzalez-Velazquez didn’t try to run from police. This is easily the best way this situation could have turned out. Last year a shirtless thief drove the Indianapolis 500 pace car through a dealership’s window and was able to joyride the car for a few miles before it broke down. See, could be worse.

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