Stealing Aston Martin's Designs Means You'll Get Your Ass Sued

We're talking about you, Henrik Fisker.

Take a look at Henrik Fisker’s most recent creation, the Thunderbolt. Beautiful, right? Now look at anything from Aston Martin. Look kind of similar? Aston Martin certainly thinks so, and now it has sued Henrik Fisker for using an unauthorized copy of its designs, and even its logo. Only a couple of weeks after Fisker showed off the Thunderbolt coachbuild design concept at the Concours d’Elegance in Florida, Aston Martin has filed suit claiming Fisker’s conduct as "wholly unacceptable."

Specifically, the lawsuit "centers on Henrik Fisker’s creation and promotion of automobiles that Aston Martin contends infringes Aston Martin’s rights, by an improper and unauthorized attempt to exploit and free ride off them. Aston Martin regards such conduct as wholly unacceptable and reserves all rights available at law to challenge it." As of now, Fisker himself (or his lawyer) have failed to comment.

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