Steampunked Cars

Art Car

Even at all necessary? Debatable. Completely hideous? Most definitely.

Fans of steampunk art (all two of you) are going to flip when you see all of these steampunked cars. The rest of you will probably be scratching your head in confusion, which is okay. Steampunk art-art designed in a Victorian style and relying heavily on brass and copper and the appearance of steam power-is infinitely more palatable when it uses cars as a canvas. Even if you've forsaken the right side of your brain, chances are that you'll still find something to love about all of these steampunk cars below.

Camaro purists are probably crying foul at this steampunked muscle car. Thankfully for them, this is nothing more than a conceptual rendering, showing how a Camaro with brassy rims, an abundance of gears and transparent body panels would look like.

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What you see below you isn't much of a car, but it's the truest steampunk automobile on this list. This DIY eBay find is actually powered by steam. It may look like hell, but with a few brass accents and some gears slapped on, this could very well take first prize at a steampunk art fair. List price on eBay: $1,500.

Tom Sepe's Whirlygig Moto is an electric motorcycle with a steampunk soul. The bike has the Victorian-era, rusted metal look down, and it even shoots steam out. Oh, and it also shoots flames. Winning?

Carlex Design is the shop behind the steampunk MINI Countryman. This MINI is everything a steampunk fan could want. It has a coppered-out exterior, and an interior that would make Hayao Miyazaki blush. The inside of this MINI is a mixture of copper, wood and brown leather, giving this car the authentic old-meets-new look typical of the genre.