Steering Wheels and Pedals to be Gone by 2035?

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If so, blame Google (at least partially).

Cars are always evolving, but not necessarily in ways that are appealing to gearheads. Generally speaking, EVs and hybrids/plug-ins are types of vehicles that no self-respecting car guy or girl would ever own, let alone even test drive. Then again, the Tesla Model S is pretty sweet. However, with companies such as Google working on the so-called cars of the future, well, things may not change for the better in the next 20 years.


According to a survey conducted by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), manual control items such as the steering wheels and pedals will be gone in about 20 years. Call it the rise of the autonomous car. Just over 200 people participated in the survey, and they were asked what currently standard car equipment they believe would be gone from vehicles by 2030. The majority responded by saying that rearview mirrors, horns, and emergency brakes will no longer be necessary in just 16 years' time. By 2035, the steering wheel and pedals (both the brake and gas) will be done for as well.

More than 75 percent of participants also believe all 50 US states will pass autonomous car legislation during that time, ranking six barriers that will need to be overcome first: legal liability, policymakers, and consumer acceptance were the main three. They were followed by cost, infrastructure, and technology. Welcome to the future, everyone.

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