Stellantis Injects $155 Million Into Indiana Plants To Prepare For Electric Rams And Jeeps

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Three Indiana plants will be retooled to produce components for future battery-electric vehicles.

Automotive multinational Stellantis has announced it will invest $155 million in three Indiana-based plants to produce electric drive modules (EDMs) that will be used in upcoming electric vehicles.

These crucial components will form part of US-built EVs based on the STLA Large and STLA Frame platforms. The former will underpin the upcoming Jeep Recon (an all-electric alternative to the Wrangler) while the latter will be used on the Ram 1500 REV. This investment forms part of the group's goal of achieving 50% battery-electric sales in the United States by 2030.

The EDM is comprised of three smaller parts: the electric motor, power electronics, and transmission. The gearbox cover will be cast at the Kokomo Casting plant while machining of it will take place at the Kokomo Transmission facility. Lastly, the Indiana Transmission Plant will be responsible for gear machining and final assembly.

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Following the required retooling at these facilities, Stellantis says production will kick off in the third quarter of 2024. The EDMs are said to contribute to impressive range capabilities of up to 500 miles for the respective platforms.

This is a massive investment, as Stellantis plans to introduce no fewer than 25 battery-electric vehicles by 2030. The locally produced EDMs will find their way into a great deal of these vehicles.

"By combining the benefits of the EDM with our new BEV-centric platforms and innovative battery technologies, we will offer our customers a variety of electric vehicles with unparalleled performance and range at more affordable prices. And with our in-house manufacturing capabilities and expertise, we will do it with greater flexibility and efficiency," said Stellantis CEO, Carlos Tavares.


Over the last three years, Stellantis has poured nearly $3.3 billion worth of investments into preparing its Indiana facilities for electrification. This will help the company achieve its net-zero carbon goals by 2038 but, importantly, the new investment will also secure 265 jobs across the three plants.

"With more than 7,000 employees in Indiana, these investments will leverage the core manufacturing competencies of the local workforce in the areas of casting, machining, and assembly, all of which will be needed even as the market transitions to an electrified future," remarked Stellantis' Mark Stewart.

When it comes to the future of motoring, Stellantis isn't just backing one horse. The company has intentions of investing in the hydrogen technology arena, by securing a stake in hydrogen specialist Symbio. "This move will foster the speed of development to bring low-emission products to our customers, beyond traditional electric vehicles," said Tavares at the time.

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