Steve McQueen Bike and Worlds Oldest Bentley For Auction

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A 1931 Brough Superior SS80 motorcycle once owned by Steve McQueen and the 1921 Bentley Chassis 3 will be available for auction at this year's Pebble Beach which will be held in August. This particular Bentley was the first customer car to leave the factory and has since participated in vintage Bentley rallies. it's still in magnificent shape and is perfectly drivable. It also has the original aluminum body and fully disappearing top.

The Brough Superior SS80 carries more of an interesting story behind it. Once owned by legendary actor Steve McQueen and his close friend Von Dutch. The friends agreed that whoever passed away first would have to bequeath the bike over to the other person. It is set to fetch a nice price tag in the neighborhood of $100,000-$200,000. The winner of the auction will also receive a letter of authenticity from Chad McQueen, Steve's son, who's also an actor who was featured in The Karate Kid.

The auction is scheduled to take place from August 20-21 at the Pebble Beach Equestrian Center. On-site admission is $40. Photos courtesy of Gooding & Company.

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