Steve McQueen’s Ferrari 275 GTB4 Restored by Ferrari Classiche

Having been converted to a Spider, the rare Ferrari has been restored to its original coupe form.

When Steve McQueen was away from the film set, his car of choice (among many others) for cruising around Hollywood in was this Ferrari 275 GTB4. The American star took delivery of the car in San Francisco at the time of filming "Bullitt". The current owner recently took the car to Ferrari Classiche, the official arm of the Italian brand providing restoration services, in order to get the company's authenticity certification, knowing that it had previously been converted to a Spider (yes, someone chopped the top off).

Ferrari can only authenticate a car if it's to the same specifications as when it left the factory, so the new owner took the wise decision to return the car to its original coupe form. Ferrari Classiche has thus undertaken the restoration, using hand-beaten steel panels to reproduce the roof and buttresses. Established in 2006, Ferrari Classiche has processed over 3,300 certification requests and continues to contribute to the interest for classic Ferraris. Recently a world record price of $35 million was paid for a 250 GTO built for Stirling Moss.

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