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Still Can't Afford A 911 R? Build One Yourself For $30

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This 3D puzzle kit may be the next best thing to the purist's favorite Porsche.

Porsche 911 Rs aren't trading hands for as much as they once were. But they're still pricey pieces of kit. So what's the lover of the enthusiast-favorite sports car to do if he (or she) can't afford one? Built one yourself, that's what.

German toy manufacturer Ravensburger has come out with this 3D puzzle of the 911 R. It's made up of 108 individually numbered pieces that, once complete, assemble into a 1:18-scale model of the 911 R that Porsche started producing to critical acclaim (but in strictly limited numbers) in 2016.

The 911 R, for the uninitiated, was based on the outgoing 991-series model of Zuffenhausen's cult-classic sports car. It was based closely on the GT3 RS, but was trimmed down to appeal to purists. Where most 911s come these days with turbocharged engines and dual-clutch transmissions, the R model packed a naturally aspirated 4.0-liter boxer six, sending 493 horsepower to the rear wheels through an old-school six-speed manual – with three pedals, and no paddles. It also did without the GT3 RS' rear wing and roll cage, trimming another 110 pounds off the curb weight.

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Porsche only made 991 examples, each selling for about $185k. But in such short supply, some paid a cool million for the privilege of owning (and hopefully driving) one.

By that standard, then, the $30 list price on this 3D-puzzle version looks quite reasonable. And it even has rotating wheels! But, of course, if you want an actual car you can drive, you might look to the 911 T or the GT3 Touring – their production unrestricted, and their values, as a result, remaining lower. And we're sure Zuffenhausen will offer similar versions of the new 992.