Still Want A Fisker Ocean? Fisker Now Wants More Money

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A $250 deposit isn't enough to get one of the first Ocean SUVs anymore.

Good news arrived earlier this month for reservation holders of the Fisker Ocean electric SUV. Early reservation holders would soon be asked to configure their Ocean One Launch Edition, a limited edition with only 5,000 units. Unfortunately, if you want to be one of the 5,000 lucky customers to nab one of the earliest Ocean models, you are going to have to shell out $5,000 now. According to an email to reservation holders obtained by Electrek, Fisker is asking interested customers for an additional deposit on top of their initial $250.

"Only 5,000 Launch Edition Fisker Ocean Ones will be made," the email reads. "Fisker is inviting select groups of reservation holders to commit to securing their Fisker Ocean One by making a $5,000 non-refundable pre-order deposit."

UPDATE: A Fisker spokesperson has clarified that the $5,000 figure is only a down payment for customers who want to lock in a One Launch Edition, which will not apply to any other trim or model. "The above is the result of there being immense amount of excitement around the Fisker Ocean One launch edition and the Extreme model - and this is to ensure these excited fans (the most enthusiastic) get the opportunity to grab one of these limited quantity vehicles."

Rear Angle View Fisker
Rear View Fisker

This may come as a hard pill to swallow for the 30,000-plus people who have signed up to pre-order the Ocean, as the $5,000 down payment doesn't seem to guarantee much in terms of a delivery date either. "Select Fisker Ocean One to confirm your choice of a Launch Edition Fisker Ocean One," the email explains. "Production starts in November 2022. Delivery timing will be dependent upon your pre-order date and delivery location. We expect all deliveries of the Fisker Ocean One to occur by end of September 2023. At this time, Fisker is only confirming pre-orders for the Launch Edition Fisker Ocean One."

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That means reservation holders who shell out $5,000 in July 2022 may not receive their car for up to 14 months. And let's remember, that money is non-refundable. We've seen some silly and even outrageous deposits for a cars that are not even on sale, like $100 for the constantly-delayed Tesla Cybertruck or $50,000 to $250,000 for the Roadster, but at least those are fully refundable.

As a reminder, Fisker says the Ocean will start at an affordable $37,499, but the launch-spec One model will cost $68,999. It will include a dual-motor setup with a 350-mile range, which is further than the Tesla Model Y Long Range will go on a single charge.

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