Stingray Does the 1/4 Mile in 9.99

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No turbochargers here. Just some good old nitrous.

The all-new Chevy Corvette Stingray is a fast sucker. Even in stock form it's a quite an improvement over its successor. It makes writing that check for something else that costs twice as much for the same performance all the more difficult. Now that scenario is about to become a little more difficult. The folks over at Late Model Racecraft have just released this video showcasing their newly modified 2014 Stingray. Very few engine upgrades were done, but the key element here is a nitrous boost kit that bumps power up to 668 horsepower.

This allows for the car to complete a quarter mile sprint in just 9.99 seconds at a speed of 132.7 mph. Before that nitrous kicker, the car performed the same sprint in 11.47 seconds.

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