Stirling Moss Recreates History in Jaguar C-Type at Mille Miglia

Along with co-driver Norman Dewis, the legendary driver celebrated the 60th anniversary of the 1952 race.

Sixty years after tackling the 1952 Mille Miglia in a C-type Jag equipped with a prototype disc-brake system, Sir Stirling Moss and co-driver Norman Dewis recreated history at the 2012 event. Chassis XKC 005 was the same car that Sir Stirling Moss drove to victory in Reims, and in so doing became the first ever competition win for a disc-braked car. After completing a parade lap around Brescia to start this year's Mille Miglia, Moss said: "The disc-brakes were incredible.

"Whereas the Ferrari and Mercedes could all brake once pretty well and then overheat, the Jaguar could repeatedly stop later and faster over and over again, and the Mille Miglia was the ultimate real world test. It was a joint idea between the team - where could we go, on the road, at racing speeds over a thousand miles - and we said if it can do this, then we will have a production brake that we can make available." The C-type later joined the other five Jaguar Heritage Racing entries to take the start of the event. These included two more C-types, a Mk VII saloon, and a pair of XK 120 models, one a roadster the other a fixed-head example.

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