Stock Car Race Turns Into Ridiculous Demolition Derby

It doesn't get much more Southern than this.

Oh, stock cars. Nothing gets a racing enthusiast fired up like watching some good 'ol boys driving in circles for three hours. Let's be honest here. Almost anyone who watches these things are mainly doing it for the crashes. No one wants to see someone get hurt, but people do love a good wreck. Unfortunately this segment of racing doesn't always have the same sportsmanship as other series, and things can get ugly. We have seen fights on the track but this is just...well...we aren't really sure what this is.

After two cars collide, the drivers decide to turn the track into a full on demolition derby.They smash their cars into each other, and then proceed to literally chase each other around the track. Perhaps not the classiest act we have ever seen in racing, but the cheers from the stands proved that everyone loved it.

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