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Stolen Car Returned To Owner With Note

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Apologetic thief decides on temporary lease instead of long-term ownership

The standard procedure when it comes to Grand Theft Auto usually involves the unauthorised disappearance of your car with little hope of ever seeing it again. If you're lucky, you may get a call from a police officer a few months down the line to come and identify the remains of your pride and joy but most people will never see their car again.

For Louisville resident, Pamela Barker, it turned out a little different. According to news site WHAS11, her GMC Acadia was stolen from outside her house on November 4. After the heart-dropping realization that her car was indeed gone, Pamela reported the matter to the police and took to social media in an attempt to track it down.

While her search yielded no useful leads, her pleas must have been seen by the vehicle thief as just three days later, the Acadia was parked on her street, in perfect condition and with a note attached to it.

"Hey Pamela Barker, Sorry about your car. I broke into your car and found your car keys and drove. I'm really sorry because I understand how hard it is not to have a car, so I brought it back. Once again sorry. I know this won't fix it but oh well. Much love for you."

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Barker could not believe her luck when she saw the car and all thoughts of exacting justice for the crime evaporated. She feels that the thief did the right thing and thinks that perhaps the short-term 'loan' of her car helped them out in a tight spot.

A bit of good news then for all parties concerned, perhaps in the future Pamela won't leave the keys in her car and the perp will have learned his/her lesson too.