Stolen in 1968, Jaguar E-Type Returns After 46 Years


Found on a cargo ship en route to the Netherlands.

When Ivan Schneider's 1967 Jaguar E-Type was stolen back in 1968 from outside his New York apartment, he never thought he'd see it again. The grey Jag vanished with just 6,000 miles on its clock. 46 years later, with a faded white tint and a total of 28,000 miles clocked, Schneider has been reunited with his ride after a lucky catch by US Customs officials. The car was found, along with some other classics autos, on board a cargo ship in Los Angeles as it was about to set sail for the Netherlands.

The Jag's travel mates were a stolen 1969 Corvette, a 1976 Mercedes 280 obtained in a fraudulent real estate scam, a fraudulently leased 2007 Mercedes E350, and a 2014 Camaro ZL1 with illegal paperwork. Schneider had purchased the car in 1967 for $5,000. It is worth $23,600 in its current condition, but the 82-year-old original owner says he plans to restore it immediately.

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