Stop Doing These 5 Things If Your Car Has A Dual-Clutch Transmission

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Engineering Explained drops another knowledge bomb.

Engineering Explained is one of the best channels on YouTube when it comes to making drivers feel like dummies. The good thing is that the channel does it through education and not insults. What's even better is that the tips in its videos can be easily applied to every day driving to increase a car's lifespan. The latest Engineering Explained video tackles the five don'ts of dual-clutch transmissions. We already know what not to do with a manual transmission, but what are some of the things to avoid doing in a car equipped with a DCT?

Luckily everything covered here is easy to stop doing, like slowly inching up a hill or being mindful of which pedal you just pressed before attempting to shift. Even if you don't own a car with a DCT this video is a must-watch. You can always lord what you've learned over your friends and fellow gearheads.

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