Stop Everything Because You Can Now Customize Your Dream Alfa Romeo Giulia

Important decisions are ahead.

Are you someone who has to open a few gifts before Christmas because you just can’t wait any longer? Then you’re probably just as anxious to put a new Alfa Romeo Giulia in your driveway. The Italian dream machine-maker doesn’t want you to stress, so it has just released an online configurator for the sedan so that you can build your very own. The configurator doesn’t allow for full customization like most. Instead, it's more of a color palate selector that allows you to see a 360-degree view of the exterior.

Meanwhile, you can cycle through brake caliper colors, wheels, and exterior colors to get just the right combination. You aren't spared interior customization options either, although you don’t get the same panoramic view like the exterior offers. A long list of features comes separately, but since almost nothing is optional except for the colors and a few tech packages, the inability to add options to your cyber car isn’t a huge loss. What you do get is a choice of seven colors, three brake caliper colors, four rim options, and five interior color and stitching schemes. The car looks gorgeous in its red coat, but the other options are stunning as well so be sure to look them before making any purchases.

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