Stop Obsessing Over The Urus, The Fenyr SuperSport Wants Attention Too

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And it looks like it's deserving of it.

One telltale sign that a country or region has developed to the point that it can give its citizens space to create without fear of financial or political ruin is whether or not that region makes supercars. Making regular cars is easy. Making regular cars well is harder. But making a vehicle that truly pushes the limits of what's physically possible takes a determined maestro and fertile ground where they can flourish. Though peace in the Middle East has yet to be attained, certain parts of it have considerably elevated the standard of living for its peoples.

Take Dubai for example, a city so awash with oil money that its police force can afford to throw money at a respectable fleet of supercars as a PR move heard on car blogs 'round the world.

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Up until recently, Dubai didn't have a supercar of its own to give the world. And what's a better way to give thanks for the blessings of wealth than to give back to the world with just that? The W Motors Fenyr SuperSport is here to ensure that Dubai doesn't get off the hook on this one. Powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbo boxer flat-six, this machine makes 900 horsepower and an astonishing 885 lb-ft of torque. We had our reservations about the Lykan HyperSport-W Motors' previous car-in the past, but maybe the Fenyr SuperSport can solve all that. Until now, we haven't really gotten to see it in action. This teaser changes that, finally giving us an idea of what one of W Motors' cars looks like at the limit.

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