Stop What You're Doing And Listen To This Lamborghini Countach


Like right now.

It was the favorite, most beloved supercar for many of us growing up. We worshipped its poster image on our bedroom walls, and went to bed at night dreaming of owning one someday. The Lamborghini Countach is that car and it’s no less spectacular today. The guys over at /Drive caught up with the founder of Italia Autosport, John Pogson, to discuss and test drive a certain Countach. You may remember Pogson for his Ferrari passion, but he also has an affinity for the Countach, specifically the 25th Anniversary Edition.

Low and behold, he just so happens to have the very last right-hand drive Countach 25th Anniversary Edition in his garage. It sounds, for lack of really any better word, glorious. Restyled by Horacio Pagani (before founding his own company), the 25th Anniversary Countach has 455 hp and was considered to be the most refined and fastest Countach ever built.

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Zero to 60 mph is said to happen in only 4.7 seconds and its top speed sits at 183 mph, both impressive figures even today. Just 658 examples were built before the Diablo arrived. Listening to Pogson hit the gas on some back country road is yet another reminder why we love the Countach so much. It wasn’t perfect. Not by any means. But it represents, at least to us, what a supercar is all about.