Stop What You're Doing to Watch and Listen to This Twin-Turbo 1,894-HP Ford GT

It sounds magical on the dyno.

We’re all hoping that one day soon Ford will build a successor to its beloved supercar, the GT. Built from 2005 until 2006, just 4,038 examples were produced. With its supercharged 5.4-liter V8, it had a total of 550 horsepower. But what if you were to add a twin-turbo to this fine engine? What would the result turn out to be? How about over 2,000 horsepower when running the Texas Mile.

Created by M2K Motorsports, this twin-turbo Ford GT managed to hit 273 mph. In the following video, it’s put on the dyno where it turns out 1,894 of glorious horsepower.

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