Straight from China: Beijing SWAT Rolls Deep

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Chinese SWAT has the means of taking down any kind of combative force.

The Beijing Special Weapons and Tactics Unit, aka SWAT, is one of the most highly-skilled and specially trained units of the Beijing Special Police Force. These guys had plenty of work during the 2008 Summer Olympics and kept the People's Republic of China safe for spectators at the global games. Several Chinese SWAT vehicles have been spotted around the Far East country as of late, and here are some of the best of them.

One of the more intriguing autos seen was a Beijing Auto 2020 (developed with a little help from Chrysler). It runs on an old Nissan diesel motor, however with matte black paint and black wheels along with a 'Flying Tiger' decal, it looks a bit more menacing than it actually its. Some of the other models seen were a Dongfeng EQ2050 (also called the Dongfeng Hummer), a modified Ford F350 SuperDuty complete with aftermarket bridge for entering windows on high floors (well, until the 4th floor) and even a fleet of BMW X5's, also complete with 'Flying Tiger' decals on the doors.

The Ford F350 SuperDuty with bridge-attachment is commonly used in China, however if we had our choice, we would be cruising the mean streets of Beijing in one of the X5s.

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