Straight To The Crusher: The Veneno Is The Car That Failed Lamborghini


It costs $4.5 million and has been awarded "the ugliest car in the world."

Lamborghini gets away with more shenanigans than most other automakers for one reason: it can just claim that insanity is in its DNA. Lamborghinis have always been about pushing the limits of design by exploring what lies just outside the territory of outlandish. The problem is that the company knows about its own lapses in sanity, so it uses this advantage to pad its pockets for the least amount of work possible. This is exactly what Lamborghini did when it created the Veneno.


Just like no one takes your senile uncle who makes casually racist remarks seriously, the collective automotive community should have toned down the drooling fanboy reaction when Lamborghini rolled out the Veneno. The car looks crazy, but Lamborghini can't justify the price on looks alone. Underneath the in-your-face styling of the Veneno is an Aventador with the same 6.5-liter V12 engine. To delineate the two, Lamborghini tuned the engine to crank out an extra 50 hp. Aside from that, the exterior is the only place that the Lambo tries to cash its checks. The styling looks like something penned up by a psychiatric patient off their lithium.

Many people claimed they liked the Veneno's styling, but it appears that some fanboys had taken off their critical thinking lenses and slapped on a pair of drunk goggles to justify the angry pile of carbon-fiber-wearing-Lamborghini-badge. Put simply, the car just tries way too hard to be cool. It has so many shapes and protruding angles begging for attention that you'd think the car just needs to be hugged and reminded that everything is okay. In fact, after the dust had settled after the Veneno's 2013 Geneva Motor Show reveal, the car had won only two awards: One for being the most expensive new car that money could buy and the other for being the ugliest car in the world.

That award, handed out by Edmunds, was given to the Veneno for being, "every supercar cliche and every bad idea Lamborghini ever had, stuffed into an overpriced show car." Of course, beauty is subjective, but a $4.5 million dollar price tag isn't. With that money you could buy two Koenigsegg Ageras, a Pagani Huayra, and still have just enough cash left for a Ferrari 488 GTB. The Veneno has respectable performance, but adding 50 horsepower and a wild body kit does not constitute a $4 million dollar premium over the Aventador. Especially when we know just what Lamborghini can do when it decides to make an expensive premium supercar like, say, the Sesto Elemento.

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