Street-Legal Bentley Continental GT Drag Car For Sale Has 10.2-Liter Engine With 3,000 HP

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This seven-second rocket is the only one of its kind in the world, and it's for sale for half what it cost to build.

A Bentley Continental GT doesn't appear to be the ideal candidate for a drag car, but that didn't stop one UK-based racer from deciding to break the norm.

The custom creation cost around $300,000 to build and is for sale for roughly half that via This unique British brute is particularly special because the 3,000-horsepower build is fully street-legal, even though it's capable of crossing the quarter-mile in a scant seven seconds at over 200 mph.

The brainchild of Steve Neimantas, this build was first completed almost a decade ago, and following a comprehensive once-over by the original builder, Webster Race Engineering, it's now looking for a new owner.

Originally silver, the car has been repainted black, but what you really care about lies beneath the surface. Neimantas reportedly originally wanted a HEMI engine but ultimately opted for a Steve Morris-built 10.2-liter Chevy engine connected to a Rosler three-speed transmission.

Despite its immense power, Neimantas always wanted this to look as similar to a regular Continental as possible. To that end, most of the body is original, with the roof and rear quarters still made from steel and the doors and trunk lid constructed from aluminum.

The front end is where the significant changes have taken place, with the hood and front fenders custom-made from carbon fiber but without any vents or other apparent nods to the beastly power plant hiding beneath. Webster Race Engineering/Facebook Webster Race Engineering/Facebook

Inside, more carbon fiber is found, with the rear wheel wells made from the stuff in a new shape to house those enormous slicks on the back end. There are also two carbon fiber seats, although convincing a date to jump in may be tricky. A comprehensive safety cell and roll cage are included, and all unnecessary items and wiring have been removed to minimize weight.

Unsurprisingly, this beast lights up the rear wheels all the way down the track, especially as higher boost settings come into play. As mad as this is, we've seen crazier builds here in the US.

Neimantas previously campaigned an Aston Martin Vantage as a drag car, so here's hoping the funds raised from this sale go to an equally absurd project. Perhaps a diesel-powered rotary Rolls-Royce next?

Webster Race Engineering/Facebook Webster Race Engineering/Facebook Webster Race Engineering/Facebook Webster Race Engineering/Facebook

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