Street Race This K24-Swapped Honda Civic At Your Peril

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Don't let its unassuming looks fool you, this thing rips.

A talented Honda engineer has created a K24-powered turbocharged sleeper build based on a seventh-generation Civic Hybrid. The sedan is comprised of a mishmash of performance parts from other Hondas, but its exterior looks unassuming to the untrained eye.

The build was discussed in detail by its owner, Ryan, in the video below. It's a Frankenstein build running a Civic Si K20 engine head, and the bottom end is from an Acura TSX's K24 motor. Those bits still use their stock internals, but in addition, the build gets a limited-slip differential from an Acura Integra, brakes and gearbox from the RSX Type S, a Borg Warner turbocharger, Skunk injectors, and an intercooler.

VTEC Academy/YouTube VTEC Academy/YouTube VTEC Academy/YouTube

The car doesn't have its hybrid components anymore, as Ryan didn't want to deal with resurrecting the electrified setup. Interestingly, the other bits, including the car's radiator and air-conditioning compressor, are from a Civic Hybrid, now held up by an RSX subframe.

Dressed in white with stock parts and void of any sporty modification, the Civic build doesn't look fast. Sharp-eyed car nuts may see through the facade, though, as the Cerakoted intercooler is visible through the lower front bumper. Also, its RSX brakes and RSX wheels look huge on this generation of the Civic.

Unfortunately, the clean-looking sleeper build has no confirmed outputs, as Ryan has yet to dyno the thing. We've seen wild K24-swap builds reach four digits in the past, but we don't think this one is there just yet.

VTEC Academy/YouTube VTEC Academy/YouTube VTEC Academy/YouTube

Ryan is using stock engine internals and is running a conservative tune on his sleeper as he uses it as a daily driver. But from what we can see in the video, it can perform fast pulls and produce some pleasing exhaust noises. One thing is for sure, it definitely makes more than its stock 110 hp, from the original 1.3-liter LDA-MF5 engine and hybrid system.

The Civic Hybrid has been absent from the market for some time but is slated to return to the US as a 2025 model. While it looks a whole lot better than the old model, and will likely perform much better. Still, it won't hold a candle to this sleeper build.

VTEC Academy/YouTube VTEC Academy/YouTube VTEC Academy/YouTube

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