Street Racers Are Taking Advantage Of Coronavirus

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Deserted highways caused by Covid-19 are a paradise for street racers right now.

With the coronavirus pandemic spreading around the world, many bustling cities have been reduced to ghost towns as governments have enforced lockdowns preventing people from leaving their homes unless it's essential. As a result, roads and highways that are usually gridlocked with traffic in rush hour are now deserted - and some car enthusiasts are taking full advantage. According to Narcity, some drivers are using these empty highways to street race.

Last weekend alone, as many as 18 drivers faced stunt driving charges by Toronto police for street racing on the Don Valley Parkway. The freeway is restricted to 55 mph, but one group of drivers were caught driving at speeds of up to 106 mph.

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Being charged with stunt driving in the province of Ontario earns you a penalty of six demerit points, a minimum fine of $2,000 CAD ($1,500 USD), and a suspended license for one week. Your vehicle will also be impounded.

It probably seemed like a fun way to kill some time and relieve some boredom during Covid-19 enforced isolation, but their actions weren't worth losing their driving licenses and vehicles over. Fortunately, there were no accidents or injuries, unlike the driver of a Lexus RX who recently suffered from a brutal street racing accident in Miami after the crossover went airborne.

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"Like other frontline policing activity, there has been no change to traffic enforcement. For some violations, such as stunt driving, the lighter traffic on the roads may be one factor leading to the higher-than-normal charges," Sgt. Jason Kraft told Narcity. However, Toronto police believe there are other factors contributing to the increase of stunt driving charges.

"Other contributing factors could be the change in seasons, more pleasant weather, dryer roadways, and summer vehicles coming out of storage. Toronto Police Service continues to actively conduct proactive enforcement activities and respond to driving complaints on all our roads."

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