Stretched Cadillac Escalade Can Be Yours For $220,000

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You'll never complain about legroom again.

If the Cadillac Escalade ESV simply isn't spacious enough for your needs, a dealership based in Fremont, California, has the perfect solution to your problems. Selling for the lofty price of $219,999, this stretched Caddy is almost certainly the most bizarre Escalade we've ever seen - and that includes Kim Kardashian's example.

For sale via Automotiv, this ridiculously long luxury SUV is the work of Pinnacle Limousine Manufacturing, a company that specializes in elongating the world's finest vehicles. This particular example has been stretched by an additional 200 inches, which is bizarre when you realize a Cadillac Escalade already measures 211.9 inches from stem to stern.

As you'd expect for something this flashy, the limo has been finished in Pearl White and boasts plenty of chrome trim, which also extends to the wheels. But if you thought the exterior was eye-catching, wait until you see the cabin.

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We wouldn't describe it as tasteful, but you can't criticize the Escalade limo's interior for being boring. The traditional seating and carpets have been ripped out for something that wouldn't look out of place in a vodka bar. The leather-trimmed bench seats have ample accommodation for a bachelorette party or a large group of otherwise intoxicated merrymakers.

To keep passengers occupied between destinations, dramatic ambient lighting - vibrant enough to rival the best nightclubs - illuminates the cabin, which is filled with a drink-making station, television screens, and a massive sound system.

Thankfully, the driver is separated from all of this decadence by a partition. The cockpit retains the original Cadillac fixtures and, as such, everything is trimmed in tasteful wood and leather.

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If you'd like to make a grand entrance, the regular back doors simply won't do. Instead, the stretched Escalade boasts a Tesla-style Falcon door on the right side that should cause a stir wherever you go. Under the hood, you'll find the standard 6.2-liter V8 engine, which develops 420 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque. While that's adequate to move a regular-sized Escalade about, we're guessing the motor will struggle to attain speeds high enough to spill drinks.

Still, it should have many years of faithful service left, as the odometer shows the limo has traveled just 1,167 miles. $220,000 is a lot of money for any car, but it would surely appeal to those who have business in the entertainment industry. We just envy the poor driver every time a throng of partygoers needs to go back to the last club it crawled out of to fetch a misplaced smartphone - the Escalade limo is ridiculously long, although it's got nothing on the iconic American Dream.

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For similar money, one could get their hands on a B6-armored Escalade. Naturally, the Full Protection Escalade does not have the ostentatious glamor of the limo seen here, but it's arguably much more tasteful.

The Escalade has long been the vehicle of choice for those looking for supreme comfort and luxury. While this conversion is clearly a professional job - it looks like it came from the factory - this particular model is slightly too long for daily use and will be of no use to the world's tired tycoons. Perhaps the setup favored by Tom Brady will be better suited to most people.

Still, for causing a stir, this stretched Caddy is unmatched, and we expect it to attract plenty of admiring glances on the Las Vegas Strip.

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