Stretched Chrysler 300C Limo Does Excellent Impression of a Bentley

Looks can be deceiving, as this stretched 300C rebadged as a Bentley proves in China.

As the dust settles on Geneva we've taken a time out from reporting on the latest and greatest concepts and tuners from Europe and revisited the familiar, yet fascinating, world of Chinese cars. And what did we find? None other than a wedding limousine in the form of a stretched Chrysler 300C imported from the US and rebadged as a Bentley in order to fool unsuspecting customers. Not a bad idea if you think about it. How many loved-up couples are going to be able to spot that it's not a Bentley?

Especially once it's been decked out with flowers and fitted with a karaoke machine. That said, the car is nine meters of stylish, tinted-window bling that any newlywed would love to be paraded around in.

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