Stretched Range Rover in Dubai

If you're going to tackle the dunes in the lap of luxury, a Range Rover limo ought to do the trick.

Most of the stretched limousines you see out on the road are based on Cadillacs, Lincoln Town Cars or even Mercedes. Come prom season you’re likely to see some stretched Hummers as well, and we've seen some interesting conversion jobs performed on a variety of vehicles, but this latest limo is based on a Range Rover. Apparently spotted in Dubai but wearing plates from nearby Qatar, this stretch job is based on the previous Range Rover flagship model, and looks to run a good meter longer than stock.

There’s what appears to be a mobile satellite television or phone dish on the roof and a divider in between the front and rear seating areas. Not a bad way to get around, all things considered. (Video courtesy of Patrick3331.)

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