Stripper's Supra Stolen, Found Stripped Too

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An exotic dancer's 1,200-horsepower Toyota Supra was stolen and sent to a chop shop. She's put a $6,000 price on the heads of the thieves.

Jessica Barton may just be every guy's dream girl. She's a beautiful swimsuit model, exotic dancer/stripper and (gasp!) gearhead. Want proof of her car-girl credentials? Up until just a few days ago, she was the proud owner of a heavily-tuned 1994 Toyota Supra that produced more than 1,200 horsepower. This Supra was the result of eight years of work and upgrades and was capable of doing an 8-second quarter mile time. What we want to emphasize here is the "was" part. The reason being...?

The car was stolen over a week ago in Florida but it's now been recovered, completely stripped apart by a local chop shop. Barton originally posted a $5,000 reward to anyone who could help recover the car. Now that amount has been raised to $6,000 to help find the culprits who destroyed her prized possession. If you can help, we're sure she'd be grateful.

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