Struggling Lotus Gets Stay in the UK Money

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The car company everyone loves is finding ways to make ends meet.

Things have not been easy for Lotus over the past year or so. Following the firing of CEO Dany Bahar and the sale of its parent company Proton, the future of the beloved English sports car maker was in doubt. No one wanted to see Lotus go, and yet there were few willing to invest in it. Fortunately, Lotus is now proud to report it has found a couple of financial saviors. New parent company DRB-Hicom invested $161.5 million last August and now the British government has invested an additional $16.2 million as a part of its Regional Growth Fund.

The extra cash will allow for new research and development of products and additional training. In addition, it will create more than 300 new jobs. Compared to where Lotus was at around this time last year, these cash infusions are a huge step in the right direction. Not only does DRB-Hicom see potential in Lotus, but so does the UK government. Lotus still has lots of work to do in order to get fully back on track as a true Porsche fighter, but every bit of extra cash helps. Hey, it's certainly better than seeing Lotus being sold to some Chinese company.

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