Struggling Scion Plans to Reveal 2 New Models in 2015

Is it honestly even worth the effort anymore?

Supposedly branded as Toyota’s youth division, Scion has been having something of an identity crisis as of late. It started off pretty solid back in 2002 with its first generation of models, but it’s gone downhill from there. Things looked up more recently with the debut of the FR-S. However, its sales (along with those of the Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT86) haven’t quite met expectations. What was meant to breathe new life into Scion hasn’t panned out exactly as planned, but all is not lost.

Toyota still believes in the brand, shown last week at SEMA with several customized Scion concepts, and the iM Concept will debut next month at the LA Auto Show. It’ll be nothing more than a rebadged version of the European Toyota Auris Touring Sports small wagon. But what really ought to be interesting is the New York Auto Show in March where Scion will debut not one, but two new production models. One is expected to be the production-spec iM for the US. The second remains a mystery. One possibility is a rebadged version of the also Europe-only Toyota Aygo hatchback. For now Toyota and Scion aren’t revealing anything, but the slow-selling and xB and xD are long past their expiration dates, and the tC isn’t too far behind.

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