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Grab a lawn chair and pack some microfiber towels; car show season is here.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to throw a wrench in the works for public gatherings all across the US, car shows are one of many casualties. In the northern part of the country, it's usually around this time of the year that avid car enthusiasts and collectors take the covers off, wash and polish their rides, and get them ready for display at one of the region's countless public gearhead gatherings.

But just because car show season is canceled for the foreseeable future doesn't mean you have to go completely without a cherished pastime. Ford's Performance division is hard at work planning what could be one of the country's first-ever live "virtual" car shows, and you're invited.

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Ford Performance hasn't set a date for its virtual car show yet; the company will announce that within the next few weeks, it says. But in the meantime, folks who want their Ford Mustang, Thunderbird, F-100, Bronco, or whatever other Blue Oval gem to be featured can email a submission including their name, age, location, any Ford club or group associations, and pertinent vehicle details such as the model year, make, model, engine, color, and any available production stats.

If you're entering, also be sure to include at least four high-quality, high-resolution photos or videos of your ride, and your "car story" - how long you've owned it, any modifications, and any significant trips, awards won, or milestones. Send it all over to

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The Ford Performance virtual car show will be streamed live on the official Ford Performance YouTube Channel, probably early next month, with Ford Performance Enthusiast Communications Manager John Clor serving as host alongside the Henry Ford Museum's Transportation Curator, Matt Andersen.

It's an interesting, and although we hope it doesn't have to become the new normal for any extended length of time, at the least, we're grateful Ford Performance is working out a way to hold car show season while most everyone's stuck inside due to the novel coronavirus.

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