Stuck Macan Gets Rescued by a Dacia During Porsche's Off-Roading Demo


At a press event, no less.

What can be more embarrassing than having your hot new model get stuck on a rock during a press event designed to flaunt its 'off-road capabilities'? If you're a company like Porsche, having your new Macan rescued by a Dacia Duster may top the list. That's what happened during a recent press event in Morocco, where a rocky road proved to be too much for the company's new crossover. Luckily, a Romanian Dacia Duster was available to rescue the lodged Porsche.

Unfortunately for the Germans, the embarrassing moment was immediately shared on Twitter for the world to see by journalist Gavin Green. And these images can probably save Dacia its entire advertisement budget for the next decade or so.

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