Student Envisages Alfa Muscle Car

This Italian muscle car is something to which Alfa Romeo should definitely give serious thought.

Alfa Romeo’srevival will start in earnest next week with the unveiling of the 4C coupe atthe Geneva Motor Show. Also on show will be a sleek four-door sedan conceptdubbed the Gloria penned by transportation design graduates from the IstitutoEuropeo di Design in Turin. Not to be outdone by his peers, fellow IED Torino studentAlex Imnadze, who previously popped up on our radar with a Ferrari Quattroporteand Lamborghini concept, has rendered his vision of an Alfa muscle car.

Dubbed the Alfa Romeo 6C, the concept is a classic front-engine, rear-drive sports car with shapes and lines inspired by the original 1948 Alfa 6C, Pininfarina's 2uettottanta concept from 2010, and the more recent 8C Competizione. Inspiration also came from the desire to see a European version of American muscle coupes like the Shelby Mustang and new Corvette Stingray. There’s no word on what would power the 6C, but just as the 8C packed eight cylinders and the 4C four, we'd assume the 6C would call for half a dozen pistons. Maserati's new twin-turbo V6, perhaps?

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