Student Envisions a Future Lamborghini

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Feast your eyes on one design student's vision for an extreme Lambo to take on the likes of the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

There's no mistaking a Lamborghini for anything else (with the possible exception of a stealth bomber). That wedge design which first appeared on the original Countach way back in 1974 is still one-of-a-kind today, although the Italian supercar brand continues to evolve that look. As we wait for the upcoming Gallardo replacement, many are predicting that it will somewhat resemble the extremely limited edition Sesto Elemento, which is no bad thing. But one artist has projected a slightly different look for a future Lambo.

That design student is Ondrej Jirec, currently studying at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. His design is both striking and quintessentially a Raging Bull. Jirec's design study concept is called the Lamborghini Perdigon, which he envisions to be a potential Bugatti Veyron Super Sport competitor. Its aggressive and wide stance is accompanied by edgy, stealth fighter-inspired body panels, a huge panoramic glass canopy, a huge rear diffuser, and a center-mounted intake at the base of the windshield. The interior is also outlandish as it seems to combine elements from the the Aventador and Urus concept with other influences.

Jirec describes his creation as being "almost at the border with entertainment design" and we couldn't agree more. Jirec doesn't work for Lamborghini (yet), but we think his 3D design study is something the automaker ought to consider down the road. A worthy successor to the Reventon? We wouldn't begrudge a man his dreams.

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