Student Pens Lambo Ganador Concept

Lamborghini design study revives the wedge-shaped supercar for the 21st century.

While studying at the prestigious Milan-based ScuolaPolitecnica di Design (SPD), Mohammad Hossein Amini Yekta worked on a projectin collaboration with Lamborghini that aimed to combine the brand’s values withessential lines. The result is the Ganador, whose primary design feature is thedivision between the upper and lower sections. Using a straight, sloped linethat encircles the supercar, the wedge-shaped silhouette is highlighted, whilethe side windows appear to reflect in the lower air intake.

This is a feature first seen on the 1970 Bertone Stratos Zero Concept, a car that the design student drew inspiration from in creating this elegant Lamborghini. Other highlights of the design include the transparent upper body that contrasts with a muscular, athletic lower part, which according to the designer combine to “resemble a gentleman with a muscular body, wearing a tuxedo.” James Bond eat your heart out.

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