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StudioTorino Moncenisio: Cayman at a Premium

Unique Porsche-based sports car costs $200,000, Cayman S not included.

Equipped with a plethora of lightweight body panels andbeautiful five-spoke wheels, the StudioTorino Moncenisio is heavily-based on thePorsche Cayman S, and also retains its mechanical underpinnings. It also gains anew roofline and B-pillar, a new bumper, diffuser and central exhaust outlet,in addition to a tougher lip spoiler. Basically, it is a lighter, hotter andbetter looking Caymen, for those who are willing to pay an eye-watering premium.

StudioTorino says “The Moncenisio maintains the originalstructure, frame, mechanics, engine, emissions, safety and reliabilitycharacteristics of the vehicle of origin. Traditional Turin school methods ofmanual modelling and styling of the body, painting and interior trimming willbe utilized”. How much for that? $200,000, once you’ve finished paying offPorsche for the original car. However, with only 19 to be built, we’re sure somecustomers will be happy to shell out that cash.

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