Study Reveals Half of British Men Find Cars Easier to Maintain than Girls

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A Peugeot-lead study confirms what most of us have always secretly known to be true.

Peugeot has conducted a research study regarding men's obsession with cars, and the French automaker discovered that 'Brits are more concerned with wheels than heels.' 2,000 people in the UK were polled, and according to the 'RCZ Study' 50 percent admitted they found their partner more difficult to maintain than their vehicle, while one in ten guys confessed to being more enamored with their cars' curves than with their partners. You gotta love those crazy Brits.

Other interesting facts that came out of the study is that 14 percent of men talk more about their cars than their partners (we thought it would be more than that), 17 percent of Brits spend more on their car than on their other half (good boys), and that potentially 9 percent of the population, so that's millions of people, spend more time with their cars than their partners (time well spent). Behavior and relationship expert Pam Spurr, who collaborated with Peugeot on the study, commented that: "We've long known that the British are a nation of petrolheads but by the looks of things, the balance can often tip a little in the wrong direction.

"And car lovers should be mindful of their partner's feelings. It seems that the pleasure we derive from our cars is one that we have greatly underestimated. It's incredibly surprising to think such pleasure sometimes surpasses the enjoyment a car owner derives from their partner!" Amen to that sister.

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