Stunning 911 Turbo Wins The Porsche Restoration Challenge

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Porsche corporate judged the event for 60 of its dealers.

This year, Porsche hosted a restoration challenge for its dealers. The goal was to restore the most excellent, cleanest Porsche possible, which the manufacturer would then judge. It is just about the highest bar you could set for an all-original restoration versus the modernized Canepa 959 SC restomod. The winner for this year's Porsche Classic Restoration Challenge has just been announced, and the 1989 Porsche 911 Turbo that took first place was nothing short of stunning.
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Three regional finalists went through final evaluations before the winning car, a 911 Turbo done by Champion Porsche of Pompano Beach, FL was announced. The announcement was made after the top three finalists were judged at the three-day Sports Car Together Fest at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Champion's Turbo 911 won out against a 1996 911 Carrera 4S from Porsche Exchange and a 1982 911 SC Type 930 from Porsche Palm Springs. "This was our first time taking part in the competition, and in typical Champion Porsche fashion, we gave it our all - and then some - in every step of the restoration project," said a spokesperson from Champion Porsche.

Champion Porsche/Instagram Champion Porsche/Instagram

"We saw some of the restorations from the previous year and knew that we had to do our best to step things up this year with our restoration. Not a single bolt was left unturned, and every single part was either replaced with new genuine parts from Porsche Classic or restored, " Champion Porsche says. "Our mission was to restore our 1989 911 Turbo to exactly what the original factory build sheet called for, resulting in a true factory restoration. The competition this year was definitely stiff and there were some amazing builds out there," Champion Porsche added.

Champion Porsche/Instagram Champion Porsche/Instagram

While the winning was great, we're much more interested in the work that went into those final moments at Indy. Champion Porsche has been chronicling its build over on its Instagram, and the results are nothing short of incredible. We dropped a shot below, but you'll have to scroll through the dealer's Instagram to see the rest of the progress. Looking at the build process, we believe them when they say that no bolt was left untouched.

In all, more than 60 dealerships took part in the challenge this year, and more than 60,000 parts were restored in the process. Frankly, it's easy to see why Porsche does this. Keeping its dealers up to spec on the older models is probably a good idea, as the US is apparently home to more classic Porsches than anywhere else in the world.
Champion Porsche/Instagram Champion Porsche/Instagram

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