Stunning Batmobile Replica Would Make The Perfect Mancave Accessory

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It actually looks a steal at $250,000.

From the Tumbler to the latest Ben Affleck creation, everyone has their favorite Batmobile, but the original from the 1966 TV series is the one we treasure the most. Especially in light of the recent passing of the original Batman, Adam West. RIP. Replicas of this ilk, approved by the Batmobile designer and Hollywood movie car legend George Barris himself, are few and far between. But replica number 005 has come up for sale, and for $250,000 would make for the perfect mancave accessory.

This particular Batmobile has an interesting backstory that owners can either impress or bore their friends to death with. The first Batmobile, penned and created by Barris, was made from a Lincoln Futura concept. Four subsequent replicas were made for touring and promotion purposes. When Batman superfan, Jim Sermersheim, saw the Caped Crusader's ride, he knew he had to have one. So he built a Batmobile copy using a 1958 Ford Thunderbird. So impressed was Barris with the amazing job Sermersheim had done, he bought and officially approved it as a genuine Barris Batmobile replica, joining the official fleet as #005 and touring the country with the others.

Fast forward to 1988, and after years in storage before being restored by Fantasy Cars in El Cajon, California, its current owner purchased the car for her Batman-loving husband. Priced at a cool quarter-of-a-millon dollars on JamesEdition, the exquisite Batmobile replica is now up for sale. Described as looking great and fully functional, power comes from the same 352 cubic-inch V8 from the 58 Thunderbird. Despite some cracked paint work and minor blemishes, this awesome Batmobile is ready to hit the street. If $250k sounds a lot, remember that the original sold for well over $4 million.

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