Stunning Brazilian Model Shows Off Her Soccer Skills In Front Of A 458 Speciale

Now that's why it's called the beautiful game.

Raquel Benetti is a Brazilian model who is also pretty damn good at handling a soccer ball. Her ball-handling exploits are well-known to soccer fans both in Brazil and around the world thanks to Instagram and YouTube. She is equally adept at juggling in both sport shoes and heels. This video features her in the latter and also stars a Ferrari 458 Speciale. Scratch that: The 458 Speciale is definitely the co-star in this video, taking a backseat to Benetti’s incredible skills.

Yeah, the music from “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” is a bit lame but the video itself is an awesome watch. Hopefully we see more of Ms. Benetti showing off her skills in front of stunning supercars.

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