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Stunning Bugatti EB110 Super Sport Is Worth Every Penny

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The forgotten Bugatti will cross the block in February in Paris.

While it was the 2005 Veyron that truly returned the Bugatti name to prominence with its mixture of opulence and record-breaking speed, the VW-owned Bugatti, started by the German giant in 1998, wasn't the first attempt at a revival of the famous French sporting marque. That was actually Bugatti S.p.A., established by Italian entrepreneur Romano Artioli in 1987, which produced the EB110, a slightly oddly styled supercar that took the fight to the McLaren F1. Now an incredibly rare 1994 EB110 Super Sport is coming up for auction at RM Sotheby's February 6 event in Paris.

While the base EB110 was already a powerful beast, the Super Sport model, unveiled six months after the base car in 1992, upped the ante even further. The 3.5-liter quad-turbo V12 received larger injectors, a reworked ECU, and a less restrictive exhaust system to boost the power from the standard 550 horsepower to 610 hp. Aluminum bodywork was also replaced with carbon Kevlar body panels that dropped the weight to 3,100 pounds, 330 less than the "normal" EB110.

These upgrades gave the Super Sport performance figures that still appear impressive today. 62 mph came in just 3.2 seconds and it could reach a top speed of 220 mph, putting it second only to the F1 at the time.

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This silver example which RM Sotheby's is auctioning off has collected a mere 569 miles on its odometer over the course of 25 years. Only 30 Super Sport models made it out of the factory before Bugatti S.p.A. ceased operations in 1995. While the auction house does not provide an estimate for how much they expect this EB110 to sell for, an example sold in 2017 for more than $1 million, so don't expect it to be cheap. But for a chance at a unique-looking supercar that still has the chops to keep up among the modern supercar pack, the EB110 is definitely worth it.