Stunning Collection of Ferrari 599XX Evo Cars at Infineon Raceway


740hp Ferraris gather for an awesome track-day event.

Automotive videographer and photographer Brian Zuk was at the Infineon Raceway, California, to capture a group of Ferrari 599XX Evo cars. The 'Evolution' name simply refers to it being a hardcore, evolutionary version of the 599 GTB and 'standard' 599XX. Power has been increased to a total of 740hp and 516lb-ft of torque, something Ferrari engineers accomplished by redirecting the exhaust pipes out of the sides. It also weighs 77 lbs less than the 599XX.

As with the 599XX, the Evolution is sold only to loyal Ferrari Corse Clienti (that's Italian for rich race clients) who partake in track-based research and development programs.

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In the video, you can check out footage of the engine bay and a car firing up, as well as the cars accelerating, taking off, and racing. The engine note is spectacular, while watch out for the front rotors glowing bright orange under braking.