Stunning Concept Is Precisely Why Alfa Romeo Should Join F1


Can all F1 cars look like this from now on?

Although it's unlikely that Ferrari will actually leave the Formula 1 circuit despite throwing a tantrum and threatening to do so, the series is going to need something to keep its pulse going as fans ditch the stands to watch content they deem more entertaining. Formula 1 is currently working its own angle to ensure that viewers stay, including finding ways to engineer louder engines for more dramatic effect. But another opportunity to capture the audience could come via a new design from London-based EPTA Design.

This project merges the best of flairy Italian design (which could fill the gap if Ferrari does end up leaving) and performance to find a new selling point for Formula 1: sex appeal. At current, the Formula 1 circuit is made up of incredibly fast track cars that are business first and style second. If the latest generation of supercars is a sign of anything, it's that those two concepts don't have to be mutually exclusive. This is where the Alfa Romeo 2018 Brabham EVO F1 Concept comes into play. The concept car is designed by EPTA Design and inspired by a project the design firm was commissioned to do where it made a futuristic F1 car for a sci-fi film. The concept car itself is incredibly sexy but it won't win races based on its looks alone.

For that, it can call upon futuristic technology like a rear-mounted fan that serves as a cooling device and downforce generator at the same time. Sitting over the fan are three carbon ceramic exhaust pipes kept shaded by a large movable single rear wing that complements the double parallel shark fins up front. Helping the concept glide through the wind while offering its driver maximum protection is a dome window that completely covers the cockpit. This adds to the car's slightly larger size and added weight, but these changes are in line with the trend of growing Formula 1 cars. In order for this to become a true Alfa Romeo, EPTA Design added the characteristic V-shaped grille and Quadrifoglio badges for good measure. Yeah, we'd drive it.

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