Stunning Mercedes-Benz EQE Interior Is Beyond High-Tech

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It looks an awful lot like the Benz EQS.

The Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV will debut on October 16, 2022. Until then, we've had nothing, but spy shots and photos of the EQE stuck in the sand to sustain us.

That is, before these photos rolled in, fresh from Mercedes-Benz itself. The brand has unveiled the EQE's interior ahead of the model's full debut.

If it all looks a little familiar, you can chalk that up to this unit being nearly identical to the interior you'd find in the EQS sedan, Hyperscreen, and all. Merc won't even deny it, saying it uses some of the "key innovations" from the EQS and EQE sedan.


Of course, much of that is down to the Mercedes EQ platform. While specifics are hard to come by because Merc is waiting for the full reveal, we do have some small nuggets of information. For example, we now have confirmation that the Hyperscreen will be an optional extra here, just as it is in the EQE and EQS sedans.

Flanking the screen are the same turbine-style vents you'll find in the EQS and the same steering wheel, which features capacitive touch buttons. More EQS and EQE sedan similarities can be found in the center console, which gets the same free-standing design. A large storage cubby can be found below, useful for small bags or larger items you want to keep close. We used it for a large water bottle in the EQS we drove halfway across Colorado. Speaking of the EQS, the central control panel on the armrest is lifted right out of that car as well.


From what we can tell, the seats are too. So are the turn signal, wiper stalks, seat controls, and armrest. You'll likely find the same hardware holding it all together. That's just fine because both sedans have an impressive interior. Mercedes has also said it will offer five different color combinations in the SUV, with this brown and grey being one of them. Press materials also make mention of a blue and black color scheme.

We still don't have specific dimensions, but Mercedes does say that this SUV is one of the most spacious in its class. What that means will have to wait for the full reveal in October.


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