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Stunning Porsche 911 Speedster Replica Is Sure To Turn Heads

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The Speedster that used to be a Targa - 911 modifying done right.

In the world of the Porsche 911, older is better, especially if it happens to be a limited-edition model. And where it was once considered sacrilege to modify an original car, it has become big business for specialist tuners to update and produce their own versions of the iconic earlier air-cooled models. DP Motorsport is one such firm, whose current focus is mainly on lightweight road and track 911s. Its latest design is a stunning grey 911 Speedster that actually started life out as a far more common 1989 3.2-liter Targa.

The current owner brought the car to DP Motorsport already having had the Speedster bodywork done. Patrick and his team were then tasked with giving it an even more retro appearance, drawing inspiration from the pre-impact bumper 1970s F-model 911s. The smooth lines, lowered front bumper and wide rear arches give the car a recognizable yet unique look, accentuated by the striking Nardogrey paintwork. The light surrounds, door handles and other trim pieces are now a deep black which looks great against the orange Porsche decals running along each side. The interior is largely unchanged save for an Alcantara-covered steering wheel and metal shifter.

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With the exterior completed, the next step is to upgrade the standard internals. The 218-hp 3.2-liter flat-six will receive updated camshafts, bigger throttle bodies and a new exhaust manifold to boost its output to around 260 hp. The handling will also benefit from a KW Clubsport adjustable suspension package and the end result should be a well-balanced retro-looking 911 Speedster with very satisfying performance. The care and attention given to these modifications should also ensure that the essence of this classic air-cooled 911 is not lost in the process.