Stunning Vorsteiner Ferrari 599VX Roars into the Distance

An incredible soundtrack delivered by one of the best-looking modified Ferraris on the road.

Just last month the American tuner released details of its lightweight body kit, giving the Italian supercar an aggressive, sporty look while enhancing its sleek profile. The body kit features parts built by Vorsteiner all made out of carbon fiber, which as a whole is 70 percent lighter than the standard stock pieces. The overall package is designed to resemble the 599XX track-only model, and not only does it look the part it also sounds magnificent.

At a recent Cars & Coffee meet the car was captured roaring away, with the monstrous engine note delivered via the full custom stainless-steel racing exhaust designed by Vorsteiner and BBI Autosport.

The extensive parts-switching program for the 599 GTB Fiorano also includes new front and rear fascias, front bumper with integrated lip spoiler, rear bumper with integrated diffuser, side sills with extension blades, a fully-carbon hood with air vents and a set of one-piece forged Monoblock wheels. Hat tip to Drake for bringing the video to our attention.

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